Chamois King Shammy Towel Cloth – Purely Beneficial

The super absorbent shammy cloth from Chamois King is made of 100% thick material making it  extraordinary. This material permits the towel to be amazingly receptive, machine washable, and also  safe for drying delicate surfaces. Even if used on a daily basis, the Chamois King towel can be used for a long time.


Our chamois towel has many uses. Need to dry your car right away? No problem. Hate dirty windows? Use our chamois towel to wipe it clean. Wish you can dry your pet with minimum effort? Wish granted. We ensure you that this towel is all you’ve been needing to make your life easier. What’s more, this towel is easy to care for. Simply wash it with soap and water then hang to air dry or store in the included plastic case so it’s ready to use anytime.


If you’re tired of having to buy towels again and again, the Chamois King towel is a great investment for you. We personally use this towel and can assure you that it will last for a very long time. This product’s amazing performance is actually the reason why many of our customers buy them in bulk. Just make sure to mark the towel so each is only used for a specific need. For instance, in our home, we wrote our pet’s name on one of the towels so we don’t use it for any other purpose but to wipe her dry after a batch. We also labeled all towels used in the kitchen to make sure that’s where they stay.


Now, don’t just trust our word for it. When you purchase the Chamois King towel from Amazon, it also comes with a 30-day money back warranty so you can buy with confidence. If you’re not satisfied with this product’s performance, simply send us an email to and we will refund your money without any questions asked.


That makes the Chamois King a one of a kind item in the business sector. This plan empowers the fabric to grow as far as its surface region, subsequently empowering greatest retention of water.


This Chamois fabric is delicate to the touch and made of a manufactured calfskin material that is solid and can stand the test of time. It is called PVA, which is short for Poly Vinyl Alcohol. It is clothes washer agreeable. This Chamois might be utilized for quite some time together without harming its quality. For most extreme solidness, this fabric arrives in a solid plastic compartment in which it might be saved after utilization. The material will remain crisp and clean without any events of mold or buildup. The Chamois King Shammy Towel material is a brilliant multipurpose item that might be utilized for a plenty of explanations. It is made of an amazing quality engineered cowhide material that retains a mind boggling measure of water.