Chamois King: A Superb Deal

Chamois King is made from a material called PVA or Poly Vinyl Alcohol. This material is proven to last longer than other materials, however, durability is just one of the reasons to have a Chamois King towel in your arsenal.


One of the major reasons people love our chamois towel is its absorption capacity. Don’t let this towel’s small size fool you. It’s very absorbent and can in fact dry an entire vehicle, a full adult’s entire body or several counter surfaces. This is because this chamois towel features a unique design which allows it to absorb water better.


You read that right – this towel has the capacity of two, three or even four towels! This doesn’t only mean you get to wash less towels (which means savings on water and electricity), it also means more savings for you and your family.


Did we also mention that the Chamois King towel works well on drying pets? No matter how much you love your pets, I’m sure you hate it when they run around the house after a bath and drips water all over! Our chamois (or “shammy” as other people spell it) towel can dry your hairy family member with a few rubs and we’re sure they’ll thank you for it. This towel is perfectly soft yet absorbent, making it a great pet towel.


The Chamois King shammy towel is indeed a great investment. It’s durable, easy to store, absorbs more than your average towel and very affordable too. What are you waiting for? Head to our Amazon page today and get yourself one. Once you use it, you’d surely wonder how you lived for so long without it!