Car Detailing Like A Pro

The New Chamois Drying Towel Leaves Your Car Spot Free

Are you tired of streaks and spots on your car after washing and drying? Do you use a pile of towels to dry your car? Do they leave lint in the interior or exterior of your car? It’s not your fault!
✅ It’s time to discover the New Drying Towel Material that Leaves Your Car Spot Free so you can Detail Your Vehicle Like a Pro.
✅ It Absorbs More Water Than Towels To Make Drying Anything Faster And Easier
✅ Easy To Wring Out So You Can Use One Drying Towel For An Entire Vehicle, Boat, Pet, Kitchen or Bath
✅ The material is Synthetic Leather PVA, which is a Soft Machine Washable Material That Lasts Years With Normal Use

The Secret to the Chamois King is the Unique Design

The Chamois King is specially made to increase the surface area of the cloth and maximize the absorbing action.

When you receive your shammy, it will come in a plastic storage container to keep it soft and ready for use and it won’t mold or mildew. The chamois will harden if left out to dry, but just add water and its ready to use. A must have for your auto detailing supplies.

We are so confident you will love this product, we offer 30 Day Money-Back No Questions Asked Guarantee. There is no risk, so order yours today. Buys yours at

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