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This review is from: Chamois Cloth – Streak Free Drying Shammy – Auto Detailing Supplies – Great Cooling Towel for Sports or Hot Weather – Car Wash Cleaning Cloth – Dry Cars, Boats Pets Faster and Easier – 26×17 Synthetic Leather Towel – Machine Washable – Guaranteed

I have no idea about using this chamois cloth for pets or cars … this cloth is for keeping ME cool in the summer. My favorite seasons are Fall and Spring … Summer is OK until it gets too hot – yep, yesterday was 105 degrees here … today was 103. This towel comes sealed in a plastic bag, already moistened. When I took it out of the plastic container, I could feel the “cool” of the chamois even through the sealed plastic wrapper. I double-checked this cloth before I bought it to make sure that it was washable … it is. If it drips, as a previous reviewer has suggested, you can simply wring it out. And if it drips and gets “gross,” you can wash it. (I don’t want “gross” towels around my neck!) And … I wanted to be sure that this towel can be stored wet without molding or mildewing – it can.

As I learned in high school biology class, “evaporation is a cooling process.” And this chamois takes advantage of that simple principle. And, as I learned in EMT classes, if you cool the blood moving up and down though your body on your neck, the “cooled” blood circulates through the rest of your body and helps to cool it.

This towel definitely helps to help keep me cool, which is THE object, at least for me. And cleanable and reusable, and it “lasts” for many hours. I have observed that when I use the towel, the side of the towel that is against my neck gets a bit warmer than the side of the towel that is exposed to the outside air, which is cooler because of more evaporation. So, every once in a while, I simply flip the towel around on my neck … and put the “cool” side against my skin. I definitely like this towel. Of note, the picture appears to me that there MIGHT be more than one towel in the plastic container, which is not the case. There is ONE towel in the plastic container.